The Sepulchre

Nobody can comprehend
What’s beneath!
Thoughts can’t dwell six feet beneath.
Decay and dust in active partnership beneath!
The “Laws of Naturalism.”

But this NOBLE JEW has defiled these laws.
Even in death, his thinking abilities were undisrupted.
His soul went through the pathways of eternity and naturality!
He has the key of life and death.

He died the shortest death.
And now lives forever.
Raising Lazarus was only just a rehearsal.
His presence carries the weight of glory.

By him, life stands tall on those he favours!
He is the everlasting King!
No day passes without his presence been felt.
He is the man with the inscription, KING OF THE JEWS!


By Eseosa.

One thought on “Poem: The Sepulchre

  1. The mystery behind the cross is the freedom we have today from the from the dark world of
    the devil. #Good Job#Dennis.

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