A Message From Bethlehem

From David’s Court, I write this!
A Letter!
Not tales of the Abyss!
Nor a notorious Hurter.

By name, I am Epaphroditus.
My Heart speaks my joy.
With my pen interpreting.
For my mouth has gone coy!

This Great News falls on Us,
Like unstoppable snows in winter stroke Adorah, Har Hebron.
The World’s Redeemer is born!
The Lily that rests on the valley.
He is the Lion that sits atop the
Throne of Judah!

Now, the universe must see the content of this letter!
A king who is going to reject Golden apparels to wear rags.
Avoiding Chariots just so he could ride on an Ass.
Reproductive Biology is altered.
He writes the script
That realizes the scriptures!

I cross my heart!
You would see him carry that Cross of reproach.
He will conquer death like a Giant crushing buildings under its feet.
And he will rise like a Lion
That has defeated packs of Hyenas.

As you all read this,
God’s blessings shall be with you just as a Chick attached to the Mother-hen.
Lights Out.

By Eseosa Hope.