I, a Farmer!
From the Westside of Abeokuta.
Although, quite a Charmer!
Journeying through the roads of Ota.

Feeding my eyes with new adventures.
Hoping to take promising pictures!
Although, this pretty creature
Became a new Venture.
Her name, Mórèniké!
The “Pampered Queen.”

She’s got mad love for Horticulture
Like Bees attached to Honeycomb!
But I got to keep the culture.
The Beauty on her face breaks
the weight of a scale!
Awon Lewa Awon ti gun a ti bi
The Beautiful Ones have long been born.

Majestically, I walked towards her
Like a pompous Cat!
A ni igboya ni Tiger
A Confident Tiger
She looked extraordinarily gorgeous
Like Disney’s Cinderella.

I whispered few words to her ears.
And she looked at me,
Like an innocent Bird in a nest
Gently been stroked on the back
By her companion!
She then replied with a Kiss
That speaks Love!

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For Love is bigger than a Farmland!
Nitori emi bayi a elewon ti love
For I am a Prisoner of Love!
What more can I say?
I am off to Akure with my Dear Love!

Eseosa Hope.