“Scandinavian Chicken”

Yeah! I’m a fine Nigerian Man.
Off to make a mark!
Although, not much of a Fan!
With footprints now in Denmark!

In Copenhagen,
Where I met Herzberg!
A famous Scandinavian,
Quite a Septuagenarian!
Attached to his culture
Like a forest filled with Vultures!
A Scatterbrained Fellow,
Also glued to Chickens!

A day can’t pass
Without a bite!
Or he gets in a fight.
His square meals are built around Chickens!
A Devourer of Chickens!
Although, not much of a Fan!

Herzberg, a “chicken hearted” Man!
He rejects his family!
But embrace Chickens!
The Great Chicken Gourmand
Who has gone mad.

He is endeared to Chickens
Like a Cockroach attached to Sewage!
Chickens having an attraction in his wages.
He stretches up early to buy Chickens,
Like an early morning Cock crowing to kick-start its day!

He is the “Black Goat” of his family!
All he wants is to fly like a Chicken.
Leaving his wife, Emily!
Well, I leave Mr. Herzberg with his Purge on Chickens!
Next stop, Stockholm!!!

By Eseosa Hope.

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