Communal clashes have been a recurrent decimal in Cross River State for over a year now. There is hardly a month without communal clashes which are mostly borne out of cases of land disputes.Johnson Ugbor

Responding to the ongoing Nko, Omyeadama, Inyima, Ekpeti crises, Chief Johnson Ugbor said communal clashes is an ill wind that blows no one no good.
Recalling that communities in Yakurr have been entangled in one clash or the other in the last couple of months, he maintained that this crises are not healthy for our development, Unity and mutual relationship as a people.

“We the Yakurr elites are deeply worried and seeking for a lasting solution to this issue. We must pursue and seek for lasting peace and it’s going to be a collective decision. We will take a common stand that if we have a reoccurrence of this involving any yakurr communities, we will sanction the said community” he said.

Chief Ugbor who is also the chairman of the Cross River State Secondary Education Board condemned totally the habitual destruction of schools and other public facilities during communal clashes describing it as detrimental to development.Johnson Ugbor

He said “When once we have crisis and we go ahead to destroy our educational facilities or health facilities, we are really taking ourselves backward. The world is moving past us while we are driving backwards. You have destroyed the schools and children can no longer go to school again which means we cannot align in the 21st century.
Let us be conscious and believe. Education is key to whatever change we think we can achieve and it’s critical to our development”.

“As far as we live together as human beings, disagreements will always come as that is a key element in human relationship. Let us rather involve other means of settling disputes and grow beyond this system of animalistic behavior, destroying properties and killing ourselves” he added.


By Mimi Akpet.

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