Lady Angry with Male Instagram Followers For Not Volunteering To Make Her Hair, Her Followers Replies Will Get Your Ribs Cracking

A Nigerian lady has taken to her social media handle to lash her male followers for not being as gentlemanly as she would expect them to be.

In the video that has gone viral, the young lady lashed her male followers for not volunteering to make her hair despite several previous post showing that her hair has been unkept for days.

Watch video:

Meanwhile, her followers have something to tell our “miss my hair has been like this… ,” lol.

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A Message From Bethlehem

From David’s Court, I write this!
A Letter!
Not tales of the Abyss!
Nor a notorious Hurter.

By name, I am Epaphroditus.
My Heart speaks my joy.
With my pen interpreting.
For my mouth has gone coy!

This Great News falls on Us,
Like unstoppable snows in winter stroke Adorah, Har Hebron.
The World’s Redeemer is born!
The Lily that rests on the valley.
He is the Lion that sits atop the
Throne of Judah!

Now, the universe must see the content of this letter!
A king who is going to reject Golden apparels to wear rags.
Avoiding Chariots just so he could ride on an Ass.
Reproductive Biology is altered.
He writes the script
That realizes the scriptures!

I cross my heart!
You would see him carry that Cross of reproach.
He will conquer death like a Giant crushing buildings under its feet.
And he will rise like a Lion
That has defeated packs of Hyenas.

As you all read this,
God’s blessings shall be with you just as a Chick attached to the Mother-hen.
Lights Out.

By Eseosa Hope.

“Shutup”, Simi tells Instagram Follower

It was almost a social media fight earlier today as Nigeria singer, Simi asked one of her instagram followers to “Shutup.”

The “shutup” order ensued after the singer posted a photo of herself and a follower commented what seemed offensive to her.

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The follower’s comment reads: “One time you are looking young one time you are looking old mind your makeup is not by force to wear makeup. “

See screenshot: Simi


Runtown Shares Photos Of His Lion Pet

Nigeria music star, Runtown has set the internet on fire yet again when he shared a shot video and a photo of his Lion pet early this morning.

The artiste on his instagram post shared the video and the photo with the caption, “Say hi to my Lion pet, what should we call him?”

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See photos: RuntownRuntown





I, a Farmer!
From the Westside of Abeokuta.
Although, quite a Charmer!
Journeying through the roads of Ota.

Feeding my eyes with new adventures.
Hoping to take promising pictures!
Although, this pretty creature
Became a new Venture.
Her name, Mórèniké!
The “Pampered Queen.”

She’s got mad love for Horticulture
Like Bees attached to Honeycomb!
But I got to keep the culture.
The Beauty on her face breaks
the weight of a scale!
Awon Lewa Awon ti gun a ti bi
The Beautiful Ones have long been born.

Majestically, I walked towards her
Like a pompous Cat!
A ni igboya ni Tiger
A Confident Tiger
She looked extraordinarily gorgeous
Like Disney’s Cinderella.

I whispered few words to her ears.
And she looked at me,
Like an innocent Bird in a nest
Gently been stroked on the back
By her companion!
She then replied with a Kiss
That speaks Love!

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For Love is bigger than a Farmland!
Nitori emi bayi a elewon ti love
For I am a Prisoner of Love!
What more can I say?
I am off to Akure with my Dear Love!

Eseosa Hope.

Never Give Up On Your Dream-Igodye Advices Fans

Nigeria comendian, Francis Agoda, popularly known as Igodye has joined the list of Nigerian celebrities who take to their social media handles to encourage their fans never to give up on their dreams.

In a recent post on his IG page @igodye_ , the comedian encouraged his teeming fans using his own struggle as a growing comedian back in the day to motivate them.

The post reads, “Few years ago at this time, na me be the inn house comedian for prest motel, that time na chair we dey sleep after our performance. Each day has its own story, never give up on your dreams Amb Francis Agoda #IGD.”

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See screenshot : Igodye




Harry And Meghan Markle To Have Baby Soon

Yay!!! Barely five months after the royal wedding, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting their baby in the spring of 2019.

In a post shared on the Kensington Palace official IG page @Kensingtonroyal , the two royal love birds are seen tangled in a romantic photo. The post reads:

“Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that the Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the spring of 2019. 

Their Royal Highnesses have appreciated all of the support they have received from people around the world since their wedding in May and are delighted to be able to share this happy news with the public. 📷 PA.”

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See photo: 




Kanye West Vibes To Mystro And Wizkid’s “Immediately” In Kenya

Award winning music star, Kanye West has been spotted in Kenya in Africa vibing to trending “immediately,” a song by Mystro ft Wizkid.

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A video which was posted on the artiste’s instagram page @mystroofficial shows the music icon lost in the beat of the song.

Watch full video here.





Lady Gets Engaged By Lover From Instagram

An American lady by the name Lea Toshiye, has taken to her instagram handle to share photos of her engagement to an American cricket star, Victor Roache who she met and fell in love with on Instagram the very first time she saw him on the social media platform.

In her engagement post on her Instagram page @lea_toshiye , she writes: ” I SAID YES!!! On November 17, 2013, I saw a picture of a man that I knew I was going to marry one day. I had never met him but I was SO sure that I sent his photo to my friends, told them I would marry him, and screen shot our convo and saved it. The very next day on November 18, this man and I started talking and from there we never stopped. We ended up spending 2 years in a long distance relationship before moving in together and then spent 3 years living the baseball life (long distance seasons, together off seasons). Over the years, we’ve gone thru, dealt with, and overcame so much as individuals and together and now we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together! From day one, i just knew i was going to marry the man in that picture and i’m so freaking excited that it’s happening! Eeeeeeee!!!” the post read.

Awwwwn!!! Love can’t be more beautiful than this!

See photos of her engagement: Lady