A stalwart of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Cross River State, Dr. Matthew Ojong Achigbe has called on the APC to practice internal democracy if they want their  mantra of change and integrity to be taken serious by Nigerians.

Dr. Achigbe who was reacting to the APC ward congresses in the state which were held last Saturday, May 5, 2018 said the Congresses ended in a stalemate because the electoral committee sent to conduct the elections were not straight forward and lacked the integrity to conduct the Congresses.

He explained that Nigerians have experienced a government that lacked integrity in the past and if the APC wants Nigerians to take them serious then they must not toe the line of the PDP. “And to achieve this we must first practice it internally in our Congresses before taking it to the general elections. If governance is what we have seen in the past then we don’t need any government in Nigeria and if we cannot call our people to order to account for their misdeeds, is it when we go to the general elections when we have other political parties that we will be able to? Democracy and integrity must start within ” he added. APC

Dr. Achigbe who was one of the chairmanship aspirants in the last state Congress said the ward congress ended inconclusive after the electoral committee tried to doctor the results even before the elections were conducted to Favour some particular candidates.

He faulted the committee for a the show of impunity saying If one is given a responsibility he should discharge it creditably, and if anyone is going to lead us he should lead us well.

“There should be integrity, we can’t just let that level of impunity take place just because we want to takeover government, that is the reason some of us left the PDP for APC. It is better for an individual to sacrifice himself for the cause of a nation than for a nation to sacrifice for an individual. What happened on Saturday is the people sacrificing for the nation and we passes a vote of no confidence in the committee and took a stand that until the National Working Committee sends a more credible committee to conduct the elections, there won’t be ward Congresses in the state. Other parties should applaud us that we displayed what we preach. The materials are there in the police station and when they are ready to conduct elections we will but if they try to teleguide us once again we will resist it” he added.

Noticeably, the APC ward congresses were inconclusive in majority of the states with some  pockets of violence in some which even led to the death of some party faithfuls.

Mimi Akpet.

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